Make health  a habit, not an event!

What is your *real* age?

Typically most people think of their age as referenced by their chronological age… how many years they have lived. More important is your biological age.  This seldom equates to the chronological age and is the result of a lifetime of  lifestyle choices made.  What choices have you made? Are you as healthy as you could be and hence have a young biological age?  Or have prior choices taken a toll on your health?

The good news is that the body will perform miracles when supplied with the proper raw materials. Support for cardiovascular (heart) health, immune system, stress management, weight management,  is available as well as world class clean and/or organic foods and non-toxic personal care products.

Here is a  quick guide to specific products available. Links for more information in the top menu.

FGXpress Power Strips – Total health patch… much more than “just” pain relief.

Primary Nutrition:

FrequenSea – marine phytoplankton superfood, liquid & readily absorbed,

FIXX – meal replacement, weight management, single serving packets

Complementary Nutrition:

Pulse-8 – support for a healthy heart, L-arginine

Essential Oils – therapeutic grade essential oils


Restoration biology “total body health paradigm” recognizes the body’s intelligence to utilize all bio-available ingredients in the amounts, and areas, most required at each moment.

Consistent use  and you will discover results for yourself. As cellular health returns, stress decreases, activity improves, and healthy changes occur naturally.  Be fair… remember it took years to deteriorate and age. Don’t forget, we rebuild our body completely in 7 years.